Discovering God’s Original
Design For Women

Return to
the Garden

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"Get ready for a fascinating story to grip your heart! Rebecca Mann Kelly has written a powerful book about how God will deliver you from abuse, shame, rejection, and self-condemnation. Read it and be set free!"

— Dr. Brian Simmons, Passion & Fire Ministries, lead translator of The Passion Translation


Freedom Awaits

God formed women in His own image, giving them joint dominion over the earth. Only when sin and the curse entered did they fall into the disastrous path of inequality that has repeated itself in every generation since the garden. Through the telling of her own story, Rebecca Mann Kelly untangles the deceptions that have kept women in places of bondage and captivity, offering a powerful invitation for every woman to Return to the Garden through the power of Jesus.

The reader will discover:

  • God’s original Biblical design for women, to have joint dominion and authority over the earth 

  • How to identify places the curse has manifested in personal life, in society, and in the church

  • Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth - to free the captives, and to free women living in captivity to the curse

  • How to “open the sails” of the heart, give God hidden heart pain, and learn to feel again

  • How to identify patterns of people-pleasing, emotional abuse, and narcissism, and how to get free and remove the yoke 

  • How to remove the hooks of the manipulation and control of others 

  • An understanding of how the enemy uses strategies of pride and religion to keep men and women from operating in their original design

  • The role of the Holy Spirit in living a victorious life aligned to God’s plan

  • How to avoid the trap of the victim and the trap of self-justification, and the role of forgiveness in finding freedom 

  • The overcoming power of the cross to “Return to the Garden”

About the Author

Hi, I'm Rebecca

Rebecca Mann Kelly is the author of the international bestseller “Return to the Garden: Discovering God’s Original Design for Women.”  She is a dynamic teacher and storyteller who will captivate your heart, mind and spirit and lead you to places of greater understanding, wisdom, and freedom that is found in Jesus.  Rebecca has 20 years of experience as a business executive, and was featured in Fortune’s 40 Under 40. Since God freed her from years of relationship bondage, she enjoys preaching and teaching about God’s original design for women, in pursuit of her life’s purpose to set free other captives. She is married to a wonderful man from Boise and resides with her family in Orange County, California, where she co-leads the intercession and ministry teams at Oceans Church. 

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God is freeing the captives - for such a time as this.




“There is no greater time in history for Rebecca Mann Kelly to tell her story, confront archaic lies, and release God’s incredible revelation than right now.”

Annie Byrne, Lead Pastor, Kingdom Culture Church

“These life-giving Words will greatly empower and awaken women from all races and status to find their design and true identity in God.”

Paul Yadao, Senior Pastor, Destiny Ministries International, Philippines